Shark Swirl Racing Jammer

Shark Swirl Racing Jammer

$25.99 $64.99


If you’re after a splash of cool colours, whilst keeping it simple on race day then the “Shark Swirl Racing Jammers” are the way to go!

Made with black FINA-approved Sharkfin racing fabric designed to reduce drag and enhance performance in the water, and a touch of bright aqua, red, pink, white and blue Japanese racing fabric down the sides.

******WE MADE A MISTAKE ON THE LABELLING OF THESE JAMMERS AND ARE ALMOST GIVING THEM AWAY AT A MASSIVE DISCOUNT!!!! If you normally take size XS in our brand, select XXS; if you normally take size SMALL in our brand then select XS; if you normally take size MED in our brand then select SMALL etc. Please CALL 0412959873 for help with this 1 style if confused. Apologies for inconvenience and enjoy the bargain!*****

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