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Ali Souz

Posted on August 04 2014

st hilda's

Quality long-lasting swimwear and accessories for boys, girls and teens aged 16-18yrs old.

st hilda's    st hilda's

A large part of Sportz Competition swimwear success has been the partnership with local Swim Clubs and schools in providing quality long-lasting swimwear and accessories for boys, girls and teens aged 6-18 yrs old. Our brand provides the latest technological advances in swimwear to repel water, reduce drag and increase performance. Our team specialises in designing Club/school swimwear specific to your needs including:  jammers, racers, trainers and competition & racing kneesuits with team logos and Club/School names.
Help your kids stand out from the crowd at their next swim meet, whilst having them feeling proud and confident that their swimwear will help them do their best.  A Club&School unified look enhances that “team” feel for the children.
Our 100% Satisfied Customers include: John Paul College – Brisbane, QLD; St.Hilda’s School’s Southport – Gold Coast, QLD; Faith Lutheran College – Brisbane.
We also proudly help Clubs. Sportz Swimwear has partnered with many local swim clubs, setting up a stall at the Club swim meet and contributing back to the club raffles and financials. Let us be a part of your 2013-2014 season. Contact us for more information on how we can help make your swim meet more beneficial for your Club, your kids and your parents.

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