What Makes a Great Racing Suit?

Ali Souz

Posted on November 17 2014


A racing suit for your child is a significant investment, so you are going to want to be sure that you pick one that will fulfil all of their needs for the swim season! When it comes to picking out a racing suit there are several things that you should keep in mind so that you are able to choose a suit that enhances (rather than detracts from) your child’s performance at their next swim meet.

Brand: While buying a brand-name suit may make you feel like you are just paying for a label, this is generally not the case when it comes to swimwear. Going with a trusted brand is a guarantee that you are getting a high-quality product! If you want suggestions on specific brand names, consider asking your child’s coach or other swim-parents – they will have some great suggestions about what is available locally!

Fit: Fit is incredibly important when it comes to making sure you’ve picked out a swimsuit that will work for your swimmer. Make sure that the suit fits in all areas – torso, leg openings, shoulder straps, and chest. Communicate with your child about how the swimsuit should feel and listen to any concerns that they have about how each suit fits their body.

Fabric: The fabric for a racing suit is generally Lyrca or Spandex. This material is not meant for heavy use (too much chlorine damages the fibres of the fabric), but it is perfect for racing because of its other qualities. These materials are soft and comfortable and fit close to the body minimising drag and keeping your swimmer from experiencing discomfort during their big race.


Waterproof Qualities: The technology involved in racing suits is evolving quickly. Now there are many racing suits available that are using innovative techniques to help swimmers move as quickly as possible through the water. Recently some swimsuits have made use of compression fabrics and polyurethane panels to make swimmers faster than ever. While these results are astounding, and suggest that the sport of swimming could see a number of changes over the next few years, they should be kept for race days and not swim training.


Buying racing suits can be nerve-wracking, as you want your child to perform at their peak without completely emptying your wallet! By keeping these qualities in mind you should be well on your way to choosing a quality racing suit that will last for as long as your child fits into it.

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