What Is a Swim Club Night?

Ali Souz

Posted on December 05 2014

Have you seen advertisements featuring a swim club night?

Are you curious about what happens on a swim club night? Swim club nights generally occur once a week beginning in September and running through to the club championship which is a final meet in which swimmers try to beat existing club records in a variety of events while also swimming new personal best times. It is a celebration of the season’s training and work that occurs in classes and on club nights. Most clubs have their club nights on Fridays.

Now, club nights are ongoing meets that occur once a week at a club. In these meets swimmers race against the clock and their times are recorded. When a swimmer achieves a personal best at a club night the swimmer scores points. For clubs that give out trophies, the points swimmers accrue at each club night are tallied and are used to award the various trophies at the end of the season.

Club night meets generally include distance swims of 200 or 400 metres, two different form strokes, freestyle races for 25M, 50M, and 100M as well as several novelty races.

Club nights are designed to provide fun, competitive practice and an opportunity for all members to participate. Many club meets a BBQ and most families are requested to assist with one or more club nights during the year.

Club meets are a time for parents as well as children. Parents can learn about different roles like being a time-keeper, marshal or judge. Parents often go on to become highly qualified technical officials as a result of the training and experience they receive working different roles at Club night meets. Volunteers are also a big part of club meet nights. Volunteers help with a myriad of different tasks from kitchen work to helping out on the pool deck.

swim club night

There is no better way to meet other club members. Club nights are stress free and all about having fun. It makes for a great family night outing because everyone can take part in the activities and there is no head to head competition. It is all about improving your own time. Parents are asked to encourage their children with positive feedback and praise for participating. No child is ever forced to take part. Everything is voluntary.

Most clubs have only one requirement to participate in a club night meet. Children must be registered members of the club. Many clubs offer “come and try” nights where all swimmers can experience a club night before registering as a member to see if it is something they would like to participate in.

Club nights are frequently used as fundraising events and may be done in coordination with other activities like raffles, bake sales, sausage sizzles and other types of fundraising.

Most of all, it is an opportunity for swimmers of all ages and abilities to compete against the clock and improve their personal records.

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