Top Considerations Of Swimming Freestyle Stroke

Ali Souz

Posted on March 15 2016


Freestyle stroke is also known as sidestroke. This is used in many competitions because it is the fastest swimming techniques although there is no standard rule on how it should be done.

To enhance your freestyle swimming skills and techniques, it is important to remember the following factors; position of the body, correct breathing so you can have a smooth stroke or to avoid the breathless feeling, focus on the whole stroke particularly the correct arm entry, good body rotation and kick control.

Let’s take a look at the other essential elements concerning the swimming freestyle stroke;


Freestyle stroke swimming is not just about the distance you reach during a pool session. It is also crucial to keep the endurance and stroke economy in mind as well as the speed. This is something you can improve through basic techniques that is sometimes being ignored. Go back and check your movement and breathing again and look for trainings that will allow you to apply the important elements of your stroke.

Number Of Strokes

It is important to be aware of how often you do the strokes. With the right technique, you should be able to minimize the number of strokes you do for a certain space.

Training Intensity

Training intensity is another concern of freestyle swimming. This training need to be moderate and it is important to maintain the constant rate throughout a practice while considering the right rhythm on your stroke. As your stroke increases, so as your speed.

Position And Breathing

Practice constant body position with your head in the water while pushing down your chest to let your legs to be higher as you swim. As soon as you practice the standard body position, you can then easily breathe while doing the strokes. Do various patterns alternately if needed. A good technique of breathing enables you to do smooth strokes because you are no longer struggling with your breathing.

Reliable Equipment

Good equipment is a must for every swimmer. You can find a lot of training equipments in the market to help you swim faster. Some of these include the swimming goggles to help you body positioning and breathing, ear plugs and nose clip, swimming attire, fins, cap and floats.

Freestyle stroke seems easy as we look at it and it’s a good stroke to learn as well. But that doesn’t mean that you should disregard the important factors involving it. You will learn a lot from experience and later will notice that this technique is actually not as complex as you think. Once you’ve learn the best techniques, it’s all worthwhile

Finally, if you really want to learn about the right freestyle swimming strokes as well as its fundamentals, you have to keep practicing and learning.

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