Top 4 tips for Preparing Healthy Meals and Snacks for Swim Children

Ali Souz

Posted on September 22 2014

Is there anything harder than feeding a growing child?

Well, any swim parent will tell you that it is several times more difficult to feed a growing swim child! It can be hard to keep your child fuelled with healthy foods that won’t break the bank and that don’t cost a fortune, which is why we’ve compiled a list of some key things to keep in mind when you’re next shopping for after-swim snacks!
1. Homemade is Best
It can be so tempting to stop at the nearest fast-food restaurant on the way home, or to buy boxes of pre-made snacks at the grocery store to keep in the pantry and to throw into swim bags. It definitely isn’t wrong to buy pre-made food, especially since it can be a life-saver in a pinch, however, it is important that the majority of your child’s food is either fresh produce or homemade. This gives you extra control over what is going into their bodies, which is important for children, and especially for children who need to keep their bodies ready to compete.
2. Keep it Healthy 
It’s a common misconception that active kids can eat whatever they want, because they won’t see the same negative effects of unhealthy diets as adults will. That being said, your child is an athlete and the food they use to fuel their body is going to have a huge impact on their performance and well-being. Fresh fruit and vegetables are key. This isn’t to say that your child can’t ever have a treat, but try to keep most meals and snacks healthy so that your child can compete at their best!
3. Bulk Purchases are Key
Swim children eat… a lot. They expend a lot of energy every time they are in the pool, and their enormous appetites are proof of this! It can be hard on the wallet trying to keep up with a swim child’s appetite, but there is no need to despair. Consider stocking up on bulk purchases of your child’s favourite post-swim snacks in order to save some money and to ensure that you will always have something on hand!
4. Keep it Available 
 It makes sense that your child will be hungrier than usual after a hard practice, but you might be surprised at the other times that they declare themselves to be ‘starving’. This is because your child’s metabolism (which is already much faster than an adult’s) is incredibly fast because of all of the exercise that they do. Keep healthy snacks on hand and available to your child 24/7 so that they know there is good food that they can eat whenever the hunger pains strike. This prevents them from reaching for sugary goodies that won’t keep them full, and helps you to make sure that they are eating the foods that their bodies need!

With these four tricks you are on your way to keeping your swim child fed while making sure that their body is being fuelled properly and your wallet doesn’t take too much of a hit.

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