Top 4 tips for faster butterfly

Ali Souz

Posted on April 05 2015

butterfly swimming

There are many swimming strokes out there and butterfly is one of the most difficult. In order to have a fast butterfly stroke you will need a very specific technique. You will also need to have strength and rhythm too. If you continue to practice, you can have a faster butterfly stroke. Here are our Top 4 tips for faster butterfly stroke:


1 – Correct Your Arm Movements

Using correct arm movements is one of the ways that you can achieve a faster butterfly. When trying to correct your arm movements remember the following:

  • When you are finishing the pull, start pushing the palms back in the water, by the sides and past the hips. This should be a fast movement and full of momentum.
  • One way to remember to pull and push is to think about making a keyhole shape underwater (when you pull you should be at the top of the keyhole shape and when you push you will be at the keyhole’s narrow part).

These are the tips to help you with correcting your arm movements for a faster butterfly.

2 – Perfect the Dolphin Kick

The dolphin kick is a type of kick used with the butterfly stroke. Think of it as if you were a dolphin and your tail is kicking underwater. Some tips to help you with this are:

  • Kick two times each stroke (one little kick and then a bigger kick).
  • Smaller kick is done when doing keyhole shape with the arms.
  • The big kick is done when your arms move out from the water.

These are the tips to help you with perfecting the dolphin kick so you can fly in butterfly.

3 – Move Like a Wave

When trying to get a faster butterfly stroke you should move like a wave. There are some tips to help you to move more like a wave when using the butterfly stroke. These tips are:

  • When moving like a wave, this means your arms and your legs and all in between.
  • You should form an S with your body.

These tips can help you to move more like a wave when you are trying to get a faster butterfly stroke.

4 – Time Your Breathing

When trying to get a faster butterfly stroke, you should time your breathing. This can be difficult but some things that can help you are:

  • When you move your arms out of water, lift you head up with your chin.
  • When you drop your arms, move the face down to the water while tucking your chin to chest.

These tips can help you to time your breathing during your butterfly stroke.

Here’s hoping you can shave some seconds of your next butterfly PB with these tips!

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