How Far Should A Swimmer Warm Up

Ali Souz

Posted on June 19 2015

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How Far Should A Swimmer Warm Up?

Like other physical activities or sports, it is necessary to do a warm up before a swimmer begins his/her serious swimming workout. Doing a warm up could help your body achieve the right stability as well as help prevent injuries. A swimmer can choose a warm up they prefer or use a program provided by their coach.

The warm up workout needed depends on the swimming requirements such as distance, space during the meet and purpose. If you are in an event, you may not get the warm up you need because the space can be crowded. Just swim the best you can and make the most of it, even with a shorter warm up time, it would still be beneficial for you than having no warm up at all.

The main question is; how far should a swimmer warm up?

There is no accurate answer to this question. The length and warm up requirements of a swimmer will vary depending on the following factors;

  • Age of the swimmer
  • Number of sessions and content each week
  • Time of warm up before the meet
  • Available time between warm up and actual race
  • Type of event
  • Water temperature
  • How much sleep a swimmer has

A 400 to 800m distance is not a typical warm up for young swimmers, hence 10 years old or above may be ideal for this expanse. Furthermore, it’s actually the type of warm up they do that counts. During a training session, swimmers usually take anywhere between 1.5km and 5km so similar length of warm ups won’t affect them. Generally, swimming warm ups involve movements that are needed on a race. Here’s how to effectively warm up for swimming;

  1. Get to the pool on time

Whether it’s a practice or competition, it is vital to arrive on time so you can make the most of your time as well as get rid of the stress that usually causes failure on performance.

  1. Do the right technique

Do the warm up with easy swimming. If you are in a race, focus on your strength rather than your weakness to maintain a positive mind and body. Use the meet warm-up to boost your metal awareness and confidence.

  1. Try the easy-speed to top-end speed.

Do some easy-speed laps and see how long you can maintain it. If you feel you’re ready, improve your speed gradually until you achieve the top-end speed. If the changes of speed felt natural, you are about to complete the warm up. Have more warm up time if you can able to change speeds quickly.

  1. Keep on practicing

The beginning is always important. Keep practicing your starts while warming up just the way you will accomplish them in an actual event

It is important to educate the young swimmers on the right way to warm up to determine their swimming capability on the day. On the other hand, a swimmer should talk to their coach if they experience extreme tiredness after doing certain warm ups to avoid future problems.

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