Fitting Boy's Competition Jammers

Ali Souz

Posted on July 20 2014

The top 6 tips! 


Is your son wearing a pair of loose, ill-fitting jammers? Or has he decided that his swimming briefs are no longer “all the rage”? Well, if you’re about to buy your 1st pair of competition & racing kneesuits or if you’re after the best fit for your latest swimming competition & racing kneesuits , then we’re here to help select the best fit possible. A memorable racing suit doesn’t have to come with a hefty bill – Sportz Competition Swimwear racing jammers come with superior quality and enormous value at an affordable price!
There’s a lot of technology behind our Boys’ racing jammers – from the compression fabrics, specifically engineered to push water away from the swimmer, to the streamlined designs reducing drag. Boy’s racing jammers should feel secure and tight over the legs.

Top 6 Tips for “Right Fit Boy’s Competition Jammers”

1.Begin fitting Jammers when cool and dry as far easier to pull up body.
2.Proceed slowly and start by placing 1st leg into the jammers, gradually pulling up just below first knee and then place 2nd leg into jammers and slowly pull up over knee. Adjust jammers over both knees.
3.Gradually pull up jammers step-by-step using fingers and not fingernails, alternating between both sides. Be patient as this can take several minutes!
4.Suit should be completely eased over buttocks and fitting well in crotch area before final adjustments are made, so that the jammers sit just below the waist.
5.Test best fit at the knee – it should be difficult to pull away from the knee. If you can pull 1cm or less away from the knee, the suit is a perfect fit.
6.Correct fit at the waist should also be 1-1.5cm pulling away from boys’ waist area or a thumb size. If the jammers are stretching wider than this at the waist, water will only run through the jammers, slowing down performance. The jammers should feel tight at the waist for the best results!
And now you’re ready for racing!
For additional customer service on selecting the right size Boy’s jammers or help on “Caring for your jammers” please find our contact details and blog on www.sportzswimwear.com.au

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